Ecopsychology tells us that we dont come into this world from somewhere else, but we are born out from it—we are a part of the earth and everything is connected.

Ecopsychology combines ecology with psychology, and is grounded in the idea that humans are sympathetically bonded to the Earth. This is a multi-disciplinary field, heavily informed by transpersonal psychology, indigenous wisdom, Eastern spiritual traditions, quantum physics, and brain neuroscience, especially to do with mindfulness and meditation.

Indeed, the principles of ecopsychology and neuroscience form the disciplinary bases for much of nature-connected coaching.

Ecology tells us that to be separate is not possible. Thus, what we do to the earth, we end up doing to ourselves and vice versa—on a psychic level as well as a physical one. The grief and fear we struggle with may be natural responses to the death of so many living beings and the ongoing distress of Earth, air, and ocean life all around us. Yet, because we’re not being informed about links between mental health symptoms caused by the way we live and the accelerating inner and outer devastation, we remain mystified about why we feel so much pain.



WildNature // Life Coach

Sandy Shea

Ending the war between humankind and Earth depends on us changing the way we see ourselves. The Earth is us.

As individuals, we’re looking for a new vision of how to be in this increasingly uncertain soup of modern society. We are all searching for ways to re-imagine our rights and responsibilities to this world, and to write a new story. We seek new ways of being, that lessen the confusion, the raw suffering, and the unique challenges of these times.

Ecopsychology offers a deep interweaving of powerful truths that express our deep and unshakable bond with this planet. As we begin to re-create and reclaim that relationship, we transform ourselves, and the world.

For more on ecopsychology, heres a link to the International Community for Ecopsychology.

what if you could become the person
you've always wanted to be in this life?

what if you could become the person you’ve always wanted to be in life?