Nature-Connected Coaching

nature Connected Coaching

We all know how good we feel when we are in nature, and half the problem is we just don’t do it enough! But it goes much deeper. As a certified Nature Connected Coach, I can help you to re-discover your own unique relationship with the natural world. In this dialogue without words we receive deep wisdom, helping to guide and inform us about our own lives.

The forest itself is the therapist, restoring our innate capacities when we slow down and give it attention. It knows what healing we need and how to deliver just the right intervention. The necessary image, the fitting experience, the piercing insight, the right dose that matches what we are ready to receive: this is what the forest delivers

Your Guide to Forest Bathing, Amos Clifford

Whether we realize it or not, were constantly bombarded with signals from nature, but its usually not in our perceptual realm. Indigenous elders have always known what neuroscience is now confirming: the human brain is hard-wired to be in tune with and receive guidance from Nature; we just have to re-learn how to receive the signals. 

Nature Connected Coaching

Grounded in the principles of Ecopsychology, Nature-Connected Coaching connects us deeply with the wisdom of Nature to inform us through direct reference, or more often, metaphor and symbols.  Nature shows us exactly what we need—once we experience this for ourselves we understand the truth of the saying


the trees are always talking, if only we would listen.

what if you could become the person
you've always wanted to be in this life?

what if you could become the person you’ve always wanted to be in life?