Life Coaching

are you?

  • Do you need to get clear on relationship/life goals?
  • Are you looking for ways to manage anxiety, depression, or stress?
  • Are you passionate about what you’re doing?
  • Are you needing (and ready) to make some changes, but not sure where to start?
what if you could become the person
you've always wanted to be in this life?

but i'm

we all get stuck

  • We all get stuck in patterns that don’t nourish us, stuck in habits and beliefs that do not serve us.
  • We may operate from a place of depletion, high anxiety, or anger most of the time.
  • We know that we need to change something to feel unstuck, to feel that our lives are moving in meaningful, rewarding ways.
This is where working with someone who’s caring, skilled, and intuitive, may help.
I help you access your own innate intelligence, which leads to increased happiness and better physical and emotional health.

The Key to Happiness. If you could learn how to be more happy as your default setting, would you do it?

You already are
that person you’ve always wanted to be.

You have everything you need for this lifes journey.  I help you to see and experience that, and through tools like meditation and deep timeless nature connection, you access the storehouse that is already there inside you. When you are in harmony with your deeper purpose, you are leading a Soul-driven life, and nothing can stop you. As Joseph Campbell said,

“The goal of life is to match your heartbeat to that of the Universe.”

I am here to coach you, to cheer-lead you, to support you, and to motivate you beyond what you thought possible to become in your life.

I am also here to be a mirror for you, to invite you to go deeper into yourself for answers, and to keep asking the tough questions. But the agenda, and what we are working towards, is totally yours.

This is your dream, of who you become.

what if you could become the person
you've always wanted to be in this life?

The Key to Happiness

Finding your happy place is an inside game!  With a quiet the mind,  we naturally become clearer, less burdened, more joyful, and truly open to each moment. Then we find answers to our own lives, and surprisingly, they come from inside us!

Through using powerful tools of nature connection, meditation and simple breath awareness, we can regulate stress, anxiety, and depression.  These techniques naturally dissipate stuck energy and create aliveness and a deeper sense of gratitude for every moment.

We discover the wisdom of sages like Ramakrishna who said:

“Happiness always here. It is unhappiness that comes and goes”

To continue the journey and learn how ancient breath techniques can help you, click here.

what if you could become the person you’ve always wanted to be in life?