Life Coaching

are you?

  • Do you need to get clear on relationship/life goals?
  • Are you looking for ways to manage anxiety, depression, or stress?
  • Are you passionate about what you’re doing?
  • Are you needing (and ready) to make some changes, but not sure where to start?
what if you could become the person
you've always wanted to be in this life?

but i'm

This is where working with someone who’s caring, skilled, and intuitive, may help.

we all get stuck

Stuck in patterns that don’t nourish us, stuck in habits and beliefs about ourselves (and the whole world) that are just plain toxic. We feel depleted, anxious, even angry. For some of us, it’s a phase of few months, a year. For some of us, it’s the status quo, something we learn to ‘live with’ even thought it’s less about living, and more about just surviving. We are built for so…much…more!

It’s tricky to navigate the emotional landscape of being human

Modern society tells us we need to be perfect, in some very inhuman ways. We know that in our own lives, we need to change something to feel unstuck, to feel more human and ‘at home in our own skin’. But often we don’t know how to make that first move to reach our goal, or which is the best move. Or, maybe we don’t have a clear idea of our goal and what we want—we just need to move on, to evolve. To feel better.

i help you access your own intimate intelligence


Wherever we are, from finding our life’s purpose, to deciding on a tricky business deal, we need to go from seekers, to listeners. We need to slow down and settle. Then our options! our visions! our dreams! become crystal clear. We find the answers come from inside us, from a place beyond personality traits, beliefs, attitudes, upbringing, nationality. Beyond even gender, even species. Beyond. A place some have called the Universal Field, or The Peace That Passeth All Understanding. Remember in reading all of this that words are just pointers to what is inside of you, already…

So, we can work to quiet the mind, calming the nervous system, so the mind naturally becomes clearer about Who You Are. Finding out what you need, and what you want, depend upon getting settled, getting clear.

It’s our own soul wisdom or native intelligence that comes out, once our attention can be drawn away from incessant thinking. There are many techniques for this, and they all have one thing in common: they get us into the present moment. From there, we are able to access our deeper wants, needs, and goals. If we’re not really Here in the Now, but thinking about our past, or anxiously forecasting into our future, we are lost to the Truly Magical Potential, of this present moment—the Power of NOW, as Eckhart Tolle says. NOW is the only place where our suffering and doubts can be minimized, our intentions solidified, our goals clarified, and where our heart’s true dreams can become fully realized.

I offer you the chance to totally transform yourself—to totally change it up—so that you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, the person you feel you were destined to be.

You can learn important and powerful tools to regulate your conscious state, whether to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression (through the use of meditation, pranayama, and other ancient and modern awareness techniques), or to dissipate stuck energy and create aliveness and confidence (using the breath, somatic movement, and visualizations).

You already are that person you’ve always wanted to be.

You have everything you need for this life’s journey. I help you to see and experience that, and through tools like meditation and deep timeless nature-connection, you access the storehouse that is already there inside you. When you are in harmony with your deeper purpose, you are leading a Soul-driven life, and nothing can stop you. As Joseph Campbell said,

“The goal of life is to match your heartbeat to that of the Universe.”

I am here to coach you, to cheer-lead you, to support you, and to motivate you beyond what you thought possible to become in your life. I am also here to be a mirror for you, to invite you to go deeper into yourself for answers, and to keep asking the tough questions. But the agenda, and what we are working towards, is totally yours.

This is your dream, of who you become.

what if you could become the person you’ve always wanted to be in life?